Power in the palm of job seekers

Our mission is to improve and democratize the job search process through technology. Our team consists of leaders from top companies such as Twitter, Salesforce, Airbnb, and Dell. Our Founding duo includes a Forbes “30 under 30” repeat entrepreneur and a seasoned executive at Twitter.

We're in stealth mode, developing a product to shift power back to job seekers, and we need your help!

Join our private beta test, and gain control of your job search.
A Note from our founders

Our Mission

The Evergreen Project is a venture-backed startup, founded by a group of employment and tech specialists who share a commitment to democratizing the job search process. We know how hard it is to find exciting job opportunities and land great job offers. Each of us has struggled finding new jobs and has felt that the odds were stacked against us-- no matter how prepared or qualified we were.

Since we first came together with the idea of the Evergreen Project, we’ve spoken to hundreds of job seekers and realized that we weren’t alone. They all described the search process as a frightening and overwhelming process. And while it feels like an insurmountable challenge for individual job seekers, hiring companies have a $150 billion worth of recruiting resources at their disposal. 

So we want to be agents of change. We want to disrupt this system and put power in the palm of job seekers by delivering a revolutionary platform that empowers job seekers to put their best foot forward. 

The Evergreen Project helps you effectively organize your job search, integrate all of your job application materials and notes, and stay on track with goals and tasks. The app is being built for job seekers by job seekers, based on a deep understanding of the tools/strategies that help you stay organized and motivated until you land your next role.

Are you a job seeker interested in being a change agent?

Our team has been working hard on The Evergreen Project app over the past year, but we can’t finish building alone! We’re looking for job seekers that want to improve their job search and contribute to developing an app that has the power to help job seekers everywhere. 

The beta test is a minimum 2 week commitment but many of our first beta test group have chosen to participate for 6 weeks or more! Testers will use the Evergreen Project app to track the job opportunities you’re pursuing, while providing feedback for our development and design teams. You will:
Have exclusive pre-release access to our product
Provide feedback to shape product features
Work directly with our founding team
Receive product info and releases ahead of others
If you’re a job seeker that wants to master your job search and have an impact, take the survey below to see if you qualify!

- Sundeep & Sydney, Co-Founders of Project Evergreen