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Businesses have tools, why shouldn't you?

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To the global workforce,

Businesses have tools for recruiting, why shouldn't you? 

When we started this company, we had a singular goal: Empower workers. The status quo didn't make sense to us — why should people feel as though they've lost so much when they are divorced from their employer? 

You cannot be defined by your last job — or any job. You are not merely a resume. You bring to the table talents, experiences, and perspectives that are tremendously valuable. But when it comes down to the job search, it’s easy to feel outgunned by future employers — employers that have more resources, more tools, and more data than you do.

We're here to change that. We are your ally and your toolkit. Let's level the playing field together and help you bring your best self to the job market.

We are a venture-backed startup and we are inviting a limited number of people to join our waitlist of product beta testers. If you are looking for your next job, you may qualify. Beta testers will:
Have exclusive pre-release access to our product
Provide feedback to shape product features
Work directly with our founding team
Receive product info and releases ahead of others
We want to hear your thoughts and help you take control of your working life.

- Sundeep & Sydney, Co-Founders of Project Evergreen